Welcome to the world of escape games!

Escape game offers unique experience known especially from computer escape games but now it is for real! You and your friends enter the room full of mystery. Door is locked. Quickly! You have 60 minutes to solve all puzzles, enigmas and mainly to reveal the secret of the room and get out. All you need is common sense and logical thinking. Do you dare to try it?



War mystery of the officer

Mysterious cabinet of the officer Albert Gronich takes you back in time to the unpleasant year of 1943 which is time of cruel World War II, where no one is safe. Arresting of inconvenient persons is on the daily menu. One day Gestapo came to inspect the house and after searching Albert’s office something was found. What was it? Why did they arrest Albert and took him to the court and accused him of treason? Come and find out what was Albert’s fatal mystery. You have 60 minutes and the clock is ticking, hurry!


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Laboratory of the mad scientist

The mad scientist Julius Wilbrand was performing dangerous and insane experiments in his laboratory. However, what everything he thought of in his crazy but indeed genious mind is mostly mistery. There are rumors that last few years he spent inventing and constructing the most dangerous weapon of all time – nuclear bomb. One day Julius was performing one of his many experiments but something went wrong and part of the laboratory exploded. You as the investigative scientists have to find out what happened. Something is wrong, door has been locked behind you and there is suspicious ticking noise in the room. Can you handle defusing nuclear bomb and stop the catastrophy?


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Our game is ideal for your teambuilding. It is designed to test your capabilities in teamwork, communication and logical thinking but in a very enjoyable and entertaining way. You will really enjoy it and everybody will talk about this unusual experience for a long time. We will arrange for you and your firm an unforgettable teambuilding.


990Kč / Team

990Kč / Team

1 190Kč / Team


Are you wondering how to please your friends or family with a birthday or Christmas presents? Give them an unusual and unforgettable experience! Our gift voucher is certainly the right choice!

We offer 3 types of gift vouchers.

2 players - 700 Kč
3 players - 900 Kč
4 players - 1000 Kč

You can get our voucher at our branch or we can send it via post-office.


Where are you located?
Our escape game is located at Jana Palacha1552. There is also post office in this building and our escape rooms are in its basement.

How long in advance do I need to make a reservation?
Please make you reservations at least 48 hours before your visit. For a sudden reservations try to contact us on our telephone number 704 700 509 and we will try to make it happen.

What should I wear?
Some comfortable and cosy clothes. Don’t be worry you won’t get dirty.

What if I get stuck in the room and don’t know how to continue?
Don’t worry we will give you a hint.

What if I don’t make it in 60 minutes?
We will give you extra 10 minutes for free so you can finish and escape the room.
Do I need to have some special knowledge?
No, all you need is common sense and logical thinking.

In what age is it appropriate to play escape game?
We recommend minimum 12 years old.

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Opening hours:

Monday - Sunday: 10:00 - 21:00

In case you want to try our escape game it is necessary to book your game either on our website or you can call 704 700 509.

Jana Palacha 1552
530 02 Pardubice
Phone: 704 700 509